5 Professional Picture Hanging Tips From Brighton Picture Hanger

  • By Greg Heffernan
  • 06 Aug, 2016

There are so many reasons you should have your artwork pictures and mirrors hung by a professional picture hanger. To achieve the best results and the desired outcome you should hire a professional. City Circle picture and mirror hanging are professional art, picture and mirror hangers that service Brighton, Toorak and all areas of Melbourne. Having your art professionally hung  will help guarantee you achieve the outcome you desire. Over the many years we have been professional picture hangers we have developed an eye for what looks amazing. The following 5 tips are just a few hints to help you and get you thinking about what great results can be achieved by trying something a little different to what you would normally do.

1. Hanging your pictures off center

You can hang your pictures off center in a room with amazing results. Hanging a picture to one side behind a couch and then balancing this by placing your cushions all on the other end of your couch and then placing a coffee table off center as well, this kind of hanging adds interest to a room and your pictures.

2. Hanging pictures and mirrors together

Through the clever placement of large mirrors in the same room or hallway as your art and pictures you can get your pictures repeated in reverse and on different walls or on multiple walls, this can change the look and color shades of your pictures

3. Lighting

By putting a spotlight on your art you highlight your pictures and can make them really stand out, you can add dimmers to the lights to change the mood of the art by the brightness of the light. Lamps and standard lamps can be used with great effect if you don’t want to have the lighting hard wired.

4. Multiple works of art

Combining multiple pictures with the same color palette or the same frame or the pictures can have different frames and colors but be from the same artist. You can make your room look really interesting by having all your pictures in a room have the same theme which could be all beach pictures or all pictures or photographs of New York.

5. Repeating Color

Repeating color from your pictures into your soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs can really enhance the overall effect that your pictures and artwork give to the room. The room just seems to look balanced and the pictures can be made to really stand out when you repeat color from your pictures throughout the room.


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