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By Greg Heffernan 01 Mar, 2017

When choosing art and mirrors you want to hang on your walls, you want to choose pieces that are timeless, you want to be able to have the pieces hung on your walls and then in years to come have them rehung in your new home if you move or rehung in your house when you have redecorated. The following pieces will still look great in your home in twenty years, just as they looked great in homes twenty years ago.

Heavy Gold Framed Mirrors hung in an entrance hall or over a fire place look amazing, heavy framed gold mirrors have been around for many years. and will still be hung for many years to come, the fabulous thing about this style of mirror is it goes with any style of decor, they can be hung in a very modern home a contemporary home or a heritage home, they are timeless and always look amazing.

Photo Walls are also timeless, and can be photos of many different things. Photo walls probably become more interesting as they age. Photos of family and friends become more interesting as time goes on as you can look at the photos and compare them to how those people look now or what clothes they were wearing. Photos of buildings and streets can be compared to what the building looks like now and streets can be compared to how the street has changed, what building have been pulled down and what building have since been built. New phots can always be added to update the photo wall so it always current.

Good Quality Art from your favorite artist will never date, you can always make it the focal point of any room, you can take it with you to a new home when you move and make it the focal point in your new home with new furnishings.

When you buy timeless pieces of art they will never date and will always make your home décor look amazing.

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By Karen Heffernan 17 Jan, 2017

Hanging Art on Outdoor Walls in Melbourne

With a major focus now on outdoor living spaces it is just as important to have your walls outside decorated.  Outdoor walls require different types of art to be hung on them, the art must be able to with stand different conditions. Art to be hung on outdoor walls in Melbourne must be able to withstand scorching heat, strong winds and rain. There are many things that can be hung on your walls that will be able to with stand all these conditions.

Metal art work is very durable and can come in many shapes and forms, full panels of metal with shapes cut out of them can be used to decorate and add interest to exterior walls. Sundials and sculptures can be made of metal and look fabulous hung on your walls outside. When hanging this type of art on exterior walls extra care must be taken to ensure they are hung securely so that the wind won’t be able to move them.

Mosaic Art works really well in outdoor areas. Beautiful pictures can be done with ceramic mosaic tiles. The benefits of ceramic art work is they are weather proof, mosaics will not fade even in the brightest sun and rain and cold weather does not damage the mosaics. When hanging mosaic art work care must be taken to consider the weight as they are usually very heavy, special hooks must be used and it is advisable to have heavy pictures hung by a professional picture hanger.

Wood art is great to hang on your exterior walls or walls in your alfresco areas, the great thing about using wood for decorating your outside walls is that it looks natural and creates a relaxed feel. Wood art comes in many different varieties, wood can be carved to make pictures or sculptures or you can buy mirrors or frames that are made out of logs and twigs. .

With all art and pictures hung on exterior walls you must make sure they are hung correctly as art and pictures suitable for outdoors is usually very heavy and should be hung by a picture and mirror hanging professional.  


By Greg Heffernan 10 Oct, 2016

Here are a few ideas on how to hang your pictures and art on your walls to incorporate feng shui. Good feng shui is finding the right balance of energies between humans and their surroundings. Good feng Shui produces positive energy which translates into good health and fortune.

Feng shui has definite rules about what North, South, East and West represent and therefore what can be hung on these walls.

North  represents career and success, water is a positive energy for your career and success and therefore art and pictures of rivers, oceans and waterfalls are good to hang on north walls of your home. Pictures of goldfish are also very positive for north walls.

South represents fame rank and reputation, fire is used to harness energy for this aspect of your life, wood is part of fire so pictures and art works of forests can be hung on your south walls. Steer away from anything that represents water.

East represents health and family. East walls should not be left empty. Pictures of vitality encourage positive energy, forests, nature, people or even your own family portraits can be hung on your east walls.

West represents creativity. West walls offer a large range of diversity as you can hang whatever you think is creative on west walls.

On top of what is required for North, South, East and West, you have to take into account which rooms you are going to hang the pictures. Bedrooms should have pictures that are sensual and soothing and should avoid volence, blood and wars these will weaken or negate the feng shui energy required to relax and heal. where as living rooms should have art and pictures that are vibrant and active. Another essential component of feng shui is keeping the balance between artwork/pictures and the empty space. Good feng shui recommends you steer clear of dark pictures or paintings that suggest anxiety and sadness. Feng shui doesn’t like clutter, the energy created by clutter blocks the feng shui flow.

The pictures and art you choose should be mixed so the overall balance of the five elements earth, water, fire, wood and metals is not disturbed.




By Greg Heffernan 30 Sep, 2016

If you are looking for something a bit different to hang on your walls, maybe you should consider wall sculptures. When decorating it’s great to have the majority of your walls decorated with painting, prints and mirrors, but sometimes a space requires something a bit different. I have put together a list of a few things I have hung for clients over the years.

Plates.   I have hung plates on the walls for many people, usually when hanging plates I have hung them in groups and the plates usually have a similar theme. I have hung a set of twelve black and white Charlie Chapman themed plates over a sideboard and these looked great. The options are endless.

Molded Ceramic Animal Heads. If you are looking for something a bit different there are a range of Ceramic animal heads in various shapes sizes and colors which really suit a modern decor and look great.

Wire Sculptures. Wall sculptures made out of wire can be hung on the walls especially if you live in a warehouse style home. The good thing about wire sculptures is they fit into any color scheme.

Sculptured Figurines. A really clever idea I have hung for several clients is sculptured figurines that are hanging on chains of various lengths, the great thing about these is if you have walls that are curved they hang beautifully, and they also look good in stair wells. The figurines are all on individual chains of varying lengths and are sold individually, so you can hang one or twenty depending on your wall space.

Masks. Masks can look really interesting hung on your walls, you can hang one large mask on its own and make a real feature of the one mask or hang a collection of masks that all have the same theme, depending on your décor, there are so many masks in so many styles.

Box Shelves. If you have a collection of something you would like to display, box shelves can be ideal. Collections of figurines, clocks, teapots or anything you have collected can be displayed in the box shelves.

The fabulous thing about decorating your home these days is that we really are spoilt for choice, you just have to use your imagination and do your research to find the right piece for your home.







By Karen Heffernan 19 Sep, 2016

Why You Should Use a Professional Picture Hanger For the Nursery

The rooms where it is most important to have your pictures hung by a professional are the nursery and children’s bedrooms. Young children are so adventurous and curious and pictures hanging on the wall can attract their attention as some kind of game to see if they can get them down. Even if the pictures are hung high on the wall, I have heard of children using toy brooms and toy golf sticks etc. to try and knock the pictures off the walls. Children’s rooms are where you need the help of a professional picture hanger to make sure the pictures stay on the wall. The following ideas can help make the pictures a little safer.

When you are choosing how to have the pictures you are going to use in children’s rooms framed make sure you do not use glass in the frames, you can use Perspex of acrylic which looks like glass and to anyone who doesn’t know, but you have the advantages of acrylic in that it is extremely light and will not brake of shatter so you reduce the risk of the picture coming of the wall and injuring anyone.    

When having pictures hung in children’s room or a nursery make sure the hanging system that you are going to use is safe. Don’t use a nail or a hook that is nearly straight, use a look that is quiet large and that the back of the picture has wire across it for the large hook to go into. Using this kind of hanging ensures that it is harder to knock the picture from the wall.

Try and hang the pictures high on the wall. Children and babies won’t really be so interested in looking at the pictures, so hang the pictures at an adult’s height. Hanging the pictures at an adult’s height makes for children to reach up and grab of knock the pictures from the wall.

The trend today is to hang bunting and flags on the walls of children’s rooms. Be careful that the bunting is hung on the wall firmly as you don’t want bunting falling and becoming a hazard for the children.

Decorating nursery’s and children’s rooms can be so much fun and you can get the results you want by just thinking what may be a hazard and then what you can do to rectify the hazard.


By Greg Heffernan 12 Sep, 2016

The current trend in home décor at the moment is the industrial look, to achieve this look successfully you need to expose or give the impression that some of the structure of the building is exposed, examples of this can be leaving all or part of the ceiling beams exposed or leaving one wall without plaster and exposing the brick work underneath. To decorate in a warehouse or industrial theme you can use metal looks like stainless steel, copper and brass. Wood is also used a lot in furnishings and then to soften this look fabric couches are used with velvet cushions making a big come back.

If you are wanting to do a photo wall to suit a house with an industrial theme there are several new ways you can have your photos printed to suit this look. The first one is to have your photos and pictures printed directly on to metal or aluminum, photos printed this way will last a lifetime and metal suits the industrial theme. Another new medium to have photos and pictures printed on to is tone. Photos can be printed directly on to very thin slabs of stone. One photo can be printed on to six or more separate stone panels, this is just another way to do a group picture hanging. Being able to have large photos and pictures printed on to stone and metal fits so well into the industrial decors. If a frame is required or preferred there are several materials that can be used to frame these metal and stone photos, reclaimed timber can be used and this gives a very natural and earthy look.

Being able to have prints and photos printed on to these types of materials makes it so easy to be able to display your photos and have them hung on your walls and still keep to the industrial theme




By Greg Heffernan 05 Sep, 2016

Choosing the right frame for your picture or artwork is not as simple as you may think. There are several steps to framing and you need to get them all right for the picture to be complemented and for you to achieve the look you desire.

When you have found a picture or painting that you want to have framed the first thing you need to choose is the mount board or as some people call them a picture mat. This is the colored border around the picture and serves two purposes, the first being the color you choose should enhance the picture and not over power or become a focus. Whichever color is the main color in your artwork or picture should be the color used on the mat board. The second reason for the mat board is that it gives a buffer between the glass and your artwork. What size mat board should you use depends on the size of your picture but as a rule the wider the mat board the better the picture will look. Once the mat board is decided on the next thing you need to give some thought to and choose is the frame. When choosing a frame for your picture you need to consider the style of the picture, if you are framing a print you can look to see if you can find the print on line and get some ideas on how other people have framed  the print, if your picture is an original, again you can research on line and get ideas of how similar styles of art have been framed and which of these styles will suit your décor. Now that you know what frame you are having, the next item you have to decide on is what type of glass you are going to use in the frame. The glass in a frame protects the picture or artwork from uv rays when hanging on you wall, if the room you are hanging the picture in is particularly light you may want to have a uv filtering glass put in the frame to stop the painting or print from fading. You may also want to use a low reflective glass so the viewing of the picture is not compromised by reflection. There is  acrylic glass that is now sold that look the same as glass but are a lot lighter in weight and has the added benefit of being a  lot safer than glass as it does not break. This means when and if you want to move the picture and have it hung again you don’t have to worry about it breaking and damaging the picture. When having the picture and frame hung it can be done easily as it will not be so heavy.

If you have given the points mentioned above consideration you should end up with a picture and frame    that you are very happy with, you are now ready to have the artwork or picture hung on your wall.                                                


By Greg Heffernan 29 Aug, 2016

    If you have decided you would like a professional picture hanger to hang your pictures there is certain information that you will need to supply to the picture hanger for them to be able to give you a quote. When you make contact with the picture hanger you should of given some consideration to the below list of questions so that you will be able to get a more accurate quote.      

   Where is the Job. Of course the location of the job will have a bearing on how much the work will cost to have done. If the job involves an hour or two of travelling this would need to be reflected in the price.

  How Many Pictures. The picture hanger will need to know how many pictures you are wanting hung and the size of the pictures, extremely large pictures may require a team of two or three people.

  What Type Of Frames. You will need to tell the picture hanger what type of frame or frames your pictures have and what is on the back of the frames, do they have wire on the backs or do they have holes that the hooks lock into.

  What Condition Are The Frames In. Are the frames in good condition or are you wanting the frames repaired by the picture hanger, do the frames have wire on the back of them or are you wanting the picture hanger to put the wire on as part of the quote.

  How Heavy Are The Pictures. Heavy pictures and mirrors have to be hung safely and securely and require different hook and hanging systems.

  Where Are The Pictures To Be Hung. The position that you want the pictures to be hung in your home or office needs to be known, when you are wanting a picture or mirror hung in a high or difficult to access position like at the top of a staircase you need to let the picture hanger know so the required equipment can be hired, eg scaffolding or a cherry picker.

  How High Are The Pictures To Be Hung. When getting a quote for your pictures to be hung you need to let the picture hanger know if you have high ceilings that would require the pictures to be hung at a height that would require a ladder to be used.

  Is The Wall Plaster Or Brick. The type of walls that you have will have a big bearing on how the pictures or mirrors will be hung. If you have brick wall then every hook needs to be drilled in to the brick wall, if your walls are plaster then a different type of hook needs to be used.

  Do You Have Multiple Pictures You Want Lined Up. If you require several pictures hung on the one wall these pictures need to be lined up, this requires precision hangingas just a few millimeters variance can throw the whole aesthetics of the job out. This kind of hanging is very time consuming as it requires attention to detail.

  Do You Want A Family Photo Wall Or Gallery Hanging. Hanging a group of Photos or pictures is another style of hanging that requires precision hanging. To design a gallery of paris style of hanging is very time consuming.

  Do You Know Where You Want Your Pictures Hung. Having a professional picture hanger advise you on your picture placement makes sense as they know what looks good and where and have an eye for picture placement.

  If you can supply your picture hanger with the above information when you are wanting a quote you will be able to get an accurate quote



By Greg Heffernan 22 Aug, 2016

Ideas for Hanging Sports Memorabilia from a Professional Picture Hanger

Living in Melbourne the sports capital of the world there is a lot of interest in sports memorabilia. Melbourne hosts so many different international and local sporting events which include the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Australian Open Tennis, The Spring Carnival, the Boxing Day Test, the AFL Grand Final; Melbourne also hosts various golf, soccer and rugby events. So you can imagine there is a lot of interest in sports Memorabilia in Melbourne.

When displaying sports memorabilia if you use your imagination there are so many ways that memorabilia can be displayed that can be pleasing to both the interior decorator member of the home and the owner of the memorabilia. If you are lucky enough to be able to dedicate an entire room to a man cave to display your memorabilia the possibilities are endless, with being able to hang framed jumpers and team photos on the walls and have cabinet makers install custom cabinets to display balls, bats and racquets. It becomes trickier when you want to combine your sports memorabilia into your living space, this can be done in several ways. A gallery style hanging can be done, have all your memorabilia framed in the same type of frame in various shapes and sizes. Framed jumpers. team photos, autographs and tickets to important games can all be framed individually and arranged into a gallery style hanging to great effect. If you just have one item you want to hang have it framed in a frame that will complement your décor and make a real feature out of that it make it the focal point of the whole room. Balls, cricket bats and tennis racquets can be displayed in glass cases. Formula 1 uniforms and flags can be framed in picture boxes.

By just using your imagination and giving the project a bit of thought you should be able to hang memorabilia and please everyone in the household.


By Greg Heffernan 15 Aug, 2016

Hanging mirrors to decorate your home can give amazing results, but mirrors need to be hung by a professional picture and mirror hanger as they can do a lot of damage to your home and anyone that is nearby if a mirror falls. The best looking mirror can be spoilt if it not hung correctly, if the mirror is crooked, hung too high or hung too low, the visual effect of the mirror is spoilt. Mirrors hung on the walls of your home can be used in so many ways, if you have a corner in a room or a hallway that is dark, hanging a mirror strategically to reflect the light from a window can brighten the area. Mirrors can also be used to give the impression that a room is larger than what it is. Hanging a large mirror in a small room can give the illusion that the room is twice as big as what it really is.

There are several new trends for mirror decorating that have emerged recently.

Pendant Mirrors

Pendant Mirrors can be hung to great affect either hanging on their own or in groups of various sizes. The new trend is to have a round mirror with a very thin wooden frame hung by a leather strap which is attached on either side of the mirror, giving the look of a pendant. These types of mirrors look great hung in groups of three or one larger mirror hung on its own.

Tinted Mirrors

The current trend of using metallic for home décor has followed through to rose gold, copper, gold and silver being used in mirrors. The use of these tones has not only been used for the frames but now the actual mirror itself is being tinted and the effect is really eye catching. A new look is where the mirror has a much textured metallic frame in one of the above tones and then the mirror is tinted as well.

Big and Bold

Big and Bold mirrors have become very popular, the use of a large mirror can really make a statement. Mirrors are no longer just rectangular or square in shape with a frame; the trend is now to have amazing frameless mirrors in every shape and texture imaginable. The new frameless mirrors really look amazing, they come in all shapes and sizes, some look like the sun and others give the look of being three dimensional.


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