Group picture hanging

  • By Greg Heffernan
  • 27 Apr, 2016
If you have a collection of Art that represents a range of styles, a grouping of mismatched frames, or just a collection that has grown over time from school, family and vacations , then a salon-style wall or gallery wall can be a perfect way to get all those pieces up and on display to make a statement and create a focal point.

For those unsure of just what a salon-style wall is, it involves grouping your artwork together on a wall versus hanging a single piece of artwork by itself. It began as way to feature works by individual artists. Each artist would have a single wall where his or her work would hang. Today art lovers, collectors, designers and others favour arranging a collection of different artists and artwork on a single wall. With so many good resources available for printing and framing our own images, as well as places to collect original art work there is no reason not to have at least one salon-style wall in your house.

Before you start here are a few things you must consider:

1. Assess what you have - You need to see the entire collection of pieces you want to use together. You can unify the collection by colour, frames or theme. Once you have decided on the items to be hung, place them in front of the wall to get an idea of how much room they will take.
2. Be harmonious - The furnishings and the artwork should work together. The idea of a salon-style wall is a mix of items, but you need to make sure the collection you plan to hang works with the light and furnishings in the room.
3. Anchor the wall - You need a large piece that anchors the collection. Starting with a large piece centered on the wall, you will find it easier to keep arrangement balanced.
4. Size matters - You are going to want a range of shapes both horizontal and vertical. Some can be smaller for the wall or not have enough space.

Spacial unity. Think of the salon wall as one piece. You don’t want the collection to be too small for the wall or not have enough space.
DIY. If you want to hang the wall yourself make a paper template of each piece if art you intend to hang. Then tape the pieces of paper to the wall to make sure the arrangement looks right.

Have the tools. Make sure you have the proper equipment to level drill, hammer and the correct hooks depending on the application.
Stand back and check the collection is at the correct height and centered.

If in doubt call a professional, they do this kind of work everyday and have a trained eye as to what looks good. A salon hanging is a feature in any room but if not done correctly can become an eye saw.

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