Good Feng Shui Picture Hanging 

  • By Greg Heffernan
  • 10 Oct, 2016

Here are a few ideas on how to hang your pictures and art on your walls to incorporate feng shui. Good feng shui is finding the right balance of energies between humans and their surroundings. Good feng Shui produces positive energy which translates into good health and fortune.

Feng shui has definite rules about what North, South, East and West represent and therefore what can be hung on these walls.

North  represents career and success, water is a positive energy for your career and success and therefore art and pictures of rivers, oceans and waterfalls are good to hang on north walls of your home. Pictures of goldfish are also very positive for north walls.

South represents fame rank and reputation, fire is used to harness energy for this aspect of your life, wood is part of fire so pictures and art works of forests can be hung on your south walls. Steer away from anything that represents water.

East represents health and family. East walls should not be left empty. Pictures of vitality encourage positive energy, forests, nature, people or even your own family portraits can be hung on your east walls.

West represents creativity. West walls offer a large range of diversity as you can hang whatever you think is creative on west walls.

On top of what is required for North, South, East and West, you have to take into account which rooms you are going to hang the pictures. Bedrooms should have pictures that are sensual and soothing and should avoid volence, blood and wars these will weaken or negate the feng shui energy required to relax and heal. where as living rooms should have art and pictures that are vibrant and active. Another essential component of feng shui is keeping the balance between artwork/pictures and the empty space. Good feng shui recommends you steer clear of dark pictures or paintings that suggest anxiety and sadness. Feng shui doesn’t like clutter, the energy created by clutter blocks the feng shui flow.

The pictures and art you choose should be mixed so the overall balance of the five elements earth, water, fire, wood and metals is not disturbed.




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