Hanging Art on Outdoor Walls in Melbourne

  • By Karen Heffernan
  • 17 Jan, 2017

Hanging Art on Outdoor Walls in Melbourne

With a major focus now on outdoor living spaces it is just as important to have your walls outside decorated.  Outdoor walls require different types of art to be hung on them, the art must be able to with stand different conditions. Art to be hung on outdoor walls in Melbourne must be able to withstand scorching heat, strong winds and rain. There are many things that can be hung on your walls that will be able to with stand all these conditions.

Metal art work is very durable and can come in many shapes and forms, full panels of metal with shapes cut out of them can be used to decorate and add interest to exterior walls. Sundials and sculptures can be made of metal and look fabulous hung on your walls outside. When hanging this type of art on exterior walls extra care must be taken to ensure they are hung securely so that the wind won’t be able to move them.

Mosaic Art works really well in outdoor areas. Beautiful pictures can be done with ceramic mosaic tiles. The benefits of ceramic art work is they are weather proof, mosaics will not fade even in the brightest sun and rain and cold weather does not damage the mosaics. When hanging mosaic art work care must be taken to consider the weight as they are usually very heavy, special hooks must be used and it is advisable to have heavy pictures hung by a professional picture hanger.

Wood art is great to hang on your exterior walls or walls in your alfresco areas, the great thing about using wood for decorating your outside walls is that it looks natural and creates a relaxed feel. Wood art comes in many different varieties, wood can be carved to make pictures or sculptures or you can buy mirrors or frames that are made out of logs and twigs. .

With all art and pictures hung on exterior walls you must make sure they are hung correctly as art and pictures suitable for outdoors is usually very heavy and should be hung by a picture and mirror hanging professional.  


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