How a Professional Picture Hanger Can Help

  • By Greg Heffernan
  • 10 Aug, 2016


  When you move into a new home, renovate or just paint a room, you are faced with a blank canvas of seemingly endless square meters of blank walls which can seem daunting as to what pictures to put where. Should you do a gallery wall of many small pieces of art or family photos or maybe one large picture on its own.

    How much room should your pictures take up on your walls? A professional picture hanger will be able to see the size of the room and what the theme of the room is to be able to judge what pictures and how many will give the desired outcome.

    A good way to plan your picture and artwork placement is when your room is fully furnished you can plan the placement of the artwork and pictures. If you are wanting to do a gallery style hanging of many small pictures or family photos or pictures of varying sizes over your couch or bedhead, they should never go beyond the ends of the couch or bedhead, the same can be said if you decide on one picture it should never exceed the ends of the couch or bedhead.

    Space and blank walls must be left between pictures, how much space depends on the size of the picture and the size of the walls.

    The size of the room dictates the size of the pictures, a large room with high ceilings require large pictures to give the room the scale that it requires. Hanging pictures that are too small for the walls can make everything in the room look unbalanced, just like hanging a picture that is too large for the room can make the room look small, so it is important to get the size and scale of the pictures and room right. This is when a professional picture hanger can help.  





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