Pictures and prints to hang on you walls

  • By Greg Heffernan
  • 12 Sep, 2016

The current trend in home décor at the moment is the industrial look, to achieve this look successfully you need to expose or give the impression that some of the structure of the building is exposed, examples of this can be leaving all or part of the ceiling beams exposed or leaving one wall without plaster and exposing the brick work underneath. To decorate in a warehouse or industrial theme you can use metal looks like stainless steel, copper and brass. Wood is also used a lot in furnishings and then to soften this look fabric couches are used with velvet cushions making a big come back.

If you are wanting to do a photo wall to suit a house with an industrial theme there are several new ways you can have your photos printed to suit this look. The first one is to have your photos and pictures printed directly on to metal or aluminum, photos printed this way will last a lifetime and metal suits the industrial theme. Another new medium to have photos and pictures printed on to is tone. Photos can be printed directly on to very thin slabs of stone. One photo can be printed on to six or more separate stone panels, this is just another way to do a group picture hanging. Being able to have large photos and pictures printed on to stone and metal fits so well into the industrial decors. If a frame is required or preferred there are several materials that can be used to frame these metal and stone photos, reclaimed timber can be used and this gives a very natural and earthy look.

Being able to have prints and photos printed on to these types of materials makes it so easy to be able to display your photos and have them hung on your walls and still keep to the industrial theme




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