Ideas Too Hang On Your Wall

  • By Greg Heffernan
  • 30 Sep, 2016

If you are looking for something a bit different to hang on your walls, maybe you should consider wall sculptures. When decorating it’s great to have the majority of your walls decorated with painting, prints and mirrors, but sometimes a space requires something a bit different. I have put together a list of a few things I have hung for clients over the years.

Plates.   I have hung plates on the walls for many people, usually when hanging plates I have hung them in groups and the plates usually have a similar theme. I have hung a set of twelve black and white Charlie Chapman themed plates over a sideboard and these looked great. The options are endless.

Molded Ceramic Animal Heads. If you are looking for something a bit different there are a range of Ceramic animal heads in various shapes sizes and colors which really suit a modern decor and look great.

Wire Sculptures. Wall sculptures made out of wire can be hung on the walls especially if you live in a warehouse style home. The good thing about wire sculptures is they fit into any color scheme.

Sculptured Figurines. A really clever idea I have hung for several clients is sculptured figurines that are hanging on chains of various lengths, the great thing about these is if you have walls that are curved they hang beautifully, and they also look good in stair wells. The figurines are all on individual chains of varying lengths and are sold individually, so you can hang one or twenty depending on your wall space.

Masks. Masks can look really interesting hung on your walls, you can hang one large mask on its own and make a real feature of the one mask or hang a collection of masks that all have the same theme, depending on your décor, there are so many masks in so many styles.

Box Shelves. If you have a collection of something you would like to display, box shelves can be ideal. Collections of figurines, clocks, teapots or anything you have collected can be displayed in the box shelves.

The fabulous thing about decorating your home these days is that we really are spoilt for choice, you just have to use your imagination and do your research to find the right piece for your home.







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