The 3 components of a hanging system

  • By Greg Heffernan
  • 21 Jul, 2016
In essence, hanging systems consist of three components:

1. An aluminum rail

2. Cords (or steel cables)

3. Hooks

• The aluminum rail is mounted on a wall or ceiling.
• A cord or cable is hooked into the rail at any spot. 
• A picture hook is then slid across the cord or cable to the height you desire.

The benefits of a hanging system:

The beauty of an art hanging system lies in its flexibility, safety and elegance.

• One system can accommodate many different types of artwork.

• Artworks hang safely. Some rails and hooks even have theft-delaying properties. 

• Artworks can be easily rearranged without using any tools.
• Hanging systems are suited to hanging very heavy art.

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