Professional Picture Hanger Melbourne Quotes

  • By Greg Heffernan
  • 29 Aug, 2016

    If you have decided you would like a professional picture hanger to hang your pictures there is certain information that you will need to supply to the picture hanger for them to be able to give you a quote. When you make contact with the picture hanger you should of given some consideration to the below list of questions so that you will be able to get a more accurate quote.      

   Where is the Job. Of course the location of the job will have a bearing on how much the work will cost to have done. If the job involves an hour or two of travelling this would need to be reflected in the price.

  How Many Pictures. The picture hanger will need to know how many pictures you are wanting hung and the size of the pictures, extremely large pictures may require a team of two or three people.

  What Type Of Frames. You will need to tell the picture hanger what type of frame or frames your pictures have and what is on the back of the frames, do they have wire on the backs or do they have holes that the hooks lock into.

  What Condition Are The Frames In. Are the frames in good condition or are you wanting the frames repaired by the picture hanger, do the frames have wire on the back of them or are you wanting the picture hanger to put the wire on as part of the quote.

  How Heavy Are The Pictures. Heavy pictures and mirrors have to be hung safely and securely and require different hook and hanging systems.

  Where Are The Pictures To Be Hung. The position that you want the pictures to be hung in your home or office needs to be known, when you are wanting a picture or mirror hung in a high or difficult to access position like at the top of a staircase you need to let the picture hanger know so the required equipment can be hired, eg scaffolding or a cherry picker.

  How High Are The Pictures To Be Hung. When getting a quote for your pictures to be hung you need to let the picture hanger know if you have high ceilings that would require the pictures to be hung at a height that would require a ladder to be used.

  Is The Wall Plaster Or Brick. The type of walls that you have will have a big bearing on how the pictures or mirrors will be hung. If you have brick wall then every hook needs to be drilled in to the brick wall, if your walls are plaster then a different type of hook needs to be used.

  Do You Have Multiple Pictures You Want Lined Up. If you require several pictures hung on the one wall these pictures need to be lined up, this requires precision hangingas just a few millimeters variance can throw the whole aesthetics of the job out. This kind of hanging is very time consuming as it requires attention to detail.

  Do You Want A Family Photo Wall Or Gallery Hanging. Hanging a group of Photos or pictures is another style of hanging that requires precision hanging. To design a gallery of paris style of hanging is very time consuming.

  Do You Know Where You Want Your Pictures Hung. Having a professional picture hanger advise you on your picture placement makes sense as they know what looks good and where and have an eye for picture placement.

  If you can supply your picture hanger with the above information when you are wanting a quote you will be able to get an accurate quote



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