Why You Should Use a Professional Picture Hanger For the Nursery

  • By Karen Heffernan
  • 19 Sep, 2016

Why You Should Use a Professional Picture Hanger For the Nursery

The rooms where it is most important to have your pictures hung by a professional are the nursery and children’s bedrooms. Young children are so adventurous and curious and pictures hanging on the wall can attract their attention as some kind of game to see if they can get them down. Even if the pictures are hung high on the wall, I have heard of children using toy brooms and toy golf sticks etc. to try and knock the pictures off the walls. Children’s rooms are where you need the help of a professional picture hanger to make sure the pictures stay on the wall. The following ideas can help make the pictures a little safer.

When you are choosing how to have the pictures you are going to use in children’s rooms framed make sure you do not use glass in the frames, you can use Perspex of acrylic which looks like glass and to anyone who doesn’t know, but you have the advantages of acrylic in that it is extremely light and will not brake of shatter so you reduce the risk of the picture coming of the wall and injuring anyone.    

When having pictures hung in children’s room or a nursery make sure the hanging system that you are going to use is safe. Don’t use a nail or a hook that is nearly straight, use a look that is quiet large and that the back of the picture has wire across it for the large hook to go into. Using this kind of hanging ensures that it is harder to knock the picture from the wall.

Try and hang the pictures high on the wall. Children and babies won’t really be so interested in looking at the pictures, so hang the pictures at an adult’s height. Hanging the pictures at an adult’s height makes for children to reach up and grab of knock the pictures from the wall.

The trend today is to hang bunting and flags on the walls of children’s rooms. Be careful that the bunting is hung on the wall firmly as you don’t want bunting falling and becoming a hazard for the children.

Decorating nursery’s and children’s rooms can be so much fun and you can get the results you want by just thinking what may be a hazard and then what you can do to rectify the hazard.


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